Fremont, CA, May 28, 2015 --- Lite-On, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of high-performance Solid-State Drives (SSDs) posts top revenue growth, as reported in Gartner's annual Market Share Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2014.

Lite-On's explosive revenue growth resulted mainly from their PC OEM business, which makes up for about 70% of revenue generated. Lite-On now ranks as one of the top three companies worldwide in revenue for PC SSD market share for entry level and mainstream SSDs.

Lite-On has always been aggressive in taking on PC OEM and the aftermarket channel. Today companies are looking for performance and reliability on their rugged PC and transitioning from the slow hard disk drive (HDD) to SSD. Many view the cost to benefit for heavy workloads, data encryption, and fast boot-up times. Lite-On works closely with some of the largest OEM partners to gain market share, as well as tackle the aftermarket channel by offering reliable entry level SSDs. Lite-On also gained adoption in low-cost PCS and high-end tablets.

"Lite-On is committed to delivering the highest level of quality for our customers. Our testing capabilities, unique proprietary firmware, and the design and development from our leading engineers we are able to provide reliable products," says Darlo Perez, Managing Director of Americas Region. "We're thrilled to have revenue growth that illustrates the performance and value that Lite-On SSDs deliver."

To stay abreast in this competitive market and gain traction with top PC OEM, Lite-On is improving firmware and quality control of each SSD. Lite-On also offers a complete portfolio of SSDs ranging from 1.8-in, 2.5-in, M.2 form factors, and SATA, PCIe and NVMe interface to meet the demands of customers.

Lite-On will also be exhibiting at the upcoming Flash Memory Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center from August 11-13, 2015. Please stop by booth #708 for new upcoming products, exciting giveaways, and live demos. To learn more about Lite-On SSDs please visit

About Lite-On
Founded in 1975 by former Taiwanese Texas Instruments employees, Lite-On is uniquely distinguished as the first technology company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (1983). Today, Lite-On is a global company -- headquartered in Taipei -- in the design, development, and manufacturing of Solid State Drives, and embedded flash products for PC Client, Industrial Solutions, Automotive, Enterprise, and Cloud Computing. All Lite-On SSDs are manufactured in-house, utilizing state-of-the-art facilities at the company's headquarters in Taiwan.

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