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About LITE-ONA division of LITE-ON Technology Corporation, LITE-ON Storage Strategic Business Group (SBG) is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of digital storage solutions. Leveraging its long standing global success in Optical Disk Drives, the company established its Solid-State Drive (SSD) Division in 2008 to cater to the growing demands in data storage. Headquartered in Taiwan, LITE-ON (2301: TWSE) has continued with its stellar performance by achieving global consolidated revenue of approximately $8 billion and employs about 80,000 employees worldwide.

LITE-ON Storage SBG offers a comprehensive lineup of SSDs for the Enterprise, Industrial, Business Client and Consumer markets. We offer a variety of interfaces and form factors to deliver the right product for the right application.

LITE-ON SSDs are fully designed and developed in-house with dedicated R&D teams capable of creating highly customizable solutions, including customized firmware, and industry-leading key components. LITE-ON Storage Group stays committed to quality, innovation, and manufacturing excellence.