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Industrial Solution

Best-in-Class Industrial Solutions with Stability, Durability and Manageability

LITE-ON’s Industrial SSDs deliver reliable performance in rugged conditions due to do a variety of restrictions such as temperature and space constraints. Thanks to LITE-ON’s industrial solutions portfolio, we are able to offer a variety of capacities, industrial temperature options and small form factors. Tested to endure the most rigorous demands of exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration LITE-ON’s Industrial SSDs make the ultimate solution.


LITE-ON’s industrial solutions SSD provides the automation industry with leading capabilities to deliver smart and connected manufacturing. Industrial and embedded systems demand stability and require an extremely reliable platform for automated machine controls.


LITE-ON’s industrial solutions SSD delivers high quality performance for the automotive sector. The automotive electronics industry has an increasing demand for infotainment systems, according to a recent study 60 percent of new cars will be connected by 2017.

Users want to be connected and conveniently access their personal data anywhere anytime on all their personal devices. As the need for application software and rich multimedia data requires more storage space. The demand for high resistant to shock, temperature, vibration, and moisture the end customer expects blazing fast speeds.

Digital Signage

LITE-ON’s industrial solutions SSD delivers simplified design and reduced costs for interactive kiosks and digital signage. Our high capacity drives have better shock resistance, longer data retention time, and faster file search all while with low power consumption. LITE-ON’s storage solutions undergoes a rigorous burn-in test to ensure the best quality product for excellent reliability and stability.

Casino Gaming

LITE-ON’s industrial solutions SSDs understands the requirements of the gaming industry. Each LITE-ON drive is tested using state-of the-art FLEXSTAR test systems to simulate a variety of real working conditions to ensure the quality and reliability.

These drives are designed to withstand a variety of temperatures (40ºC – +85ºC) and are shock resistant. In the case of an unstable power supply or power outage, this drive comes with Power Loss Protection (PLP). This feature can effectively prevent data loss and system damage during power spikes or outages.


LITE-ON’s industrial solutions SSD delivers leading performance for the transportation sector (land, water, air, and space). These drives can combat high temperature environments, humidity and tough impact. Our industrial solutions are built to the same rugged standards, capable of withstanding shock, vibration and harsh environmental conditions.